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Process Safety Management System Optimisation

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We support you in the optimisation of your Process Safety Management System. This can be detailed adaptations of work processes to optimise effectiveness and cost efficiency, as well as major upgrades through the use of up-to-date IT tools and introduction of advanced methods. This makes systematic use of relevant data or seeking synergies with operational excellence.

Process Safety Incident (PSI) Reduction

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We train your workforce in 'successful practice' based methods, which have been successfully applied in major chemical companies. The effect is a sustainable reduction of numbers and severity of Process Safety Incidents, reducing the likelihood of a severe incident in your organisation.

Competence Development

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Our training courses include a hands-on HAZOP course for HAZOP participants and HAZOP leaders. We also offer courses on Incident analysis, Incident reduction, Pre-startup Safety review, Process Safety Management (PSM), and further Process Safety related topics.

Risk Assessment & Efficient Risk Reduction

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We analyse your assets, from a plant view point, e.g. by HAZOP method, or from a site perspective, checking for potential effects from plant on another or safety distance and facility siting risks. 

Explosion Prevention

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We analyse your plant for explosion protection risks. This can include expertises in the discussion with insurance companies.

Incident Investigation

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We analyse your Process Safety Incident, using your in-house methods or other established incident investigation methodology.

HAZOP+ Study (Hazard & Operability)

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We offer a ‘HAZOP+’ study, where the HAZOP study and the optimisation of the plant's operating parameter window for superior economic performance are pursued in synergy. The optimisation part is performed in cooperation with German company Atlan-Tec, who use an industry-leading neuro model-based operational optimisation method.

The result of a HAZOP+ study is a plant of superior process safety and with optimized economic performance. Both, the HAZOP part as well as the optimisation part of the study require a deep analysis of the plant's design and operating history. This is where the synergy kicks in.

If requested, an RBI concept (Risk-Based Inspection) can be added in cooperation with partner TÜV SÜD, a leading provider of RBI methodology.

The combination of HAZOP, Operational Optimisation by neuro model, and RBI result in an asset which is safe to operate, at optimal asset integrity with maximized operational and economic performance.

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Screening Methods for Toxicity and Explosion Hazards

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Screening methods which have been applied to major chemical sites are used to sharpen your focus on the relevant issues before you apply more time consuming and expensive detailed investigations. This approach ensures that you start from a bird's perspective and zoom in on your real risks. 

Process Technology specific Process Safety concept

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The Process Safety concept is a step in front of more detailed HAZOP studies, which ensures the identification of all hazards and circumstances relevant for more detailed investigations. The Process Safety Concept also facilitates the development of a safety case according Seveso Directive.

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