About Prosafex

Prosafex is committed to helping companies from the process industries achieve process safety excellence. We specialize in consulting for process safety management systems, technical safety assessments (of various processes with toxicity-, explosion-, or fire hazards), and incident reduction initiatives. Our approaches make use of Industry 4.0/IoT applications wherever it leads to improved results.

Dr. Hans V. Schwarz

As a chemical industry and process safety expert, Dr. Schwarz has over 30 years of global experience at BASF in production, technology and investment projects. His most recent experience was as Global Head of Process Safety and Senior Expert for Process Safety at BASF.


Pol Hoorelbeke, PhD

Vice President HSE Audits,
and Major Accident Investigations


"Total and BASF have a JV in Port Arthur (steam cracking plant). When I was Vice President of Total Petrochemicals (about 15 years ago) I met Dr Hans Schwarz several times to discuss process safety matters for this JV.

I learned to know him more and he became a friend. He combines in depth technical knowledge with a pragmatic approach. He always strives for solutions taking into account opinions from other people without however compromising safety.

Dr. Hans Schwarz has international experience, a huge network of professionals and he brings added value for companies which want to improve safety. He can work with people in the field but he can also talk to top managers of large corporations. An all-round process safety expert."

Piet Knijff

Corporate SHE-manager DSM,
and Chair of the EPSC Board

“I have known Hans for many years, working together with him in the EPSC and from our work in the ICCA working group that prepared the Global Process Safety Performance Reporting Standard. I am always impressed by his deep expertise in a broad range of process safety topics, combining good insight with the ability to operationalize it and make it work in an operational environment."