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PS & Big Data Conference, DACHEMA

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Process Safety and Big Data will be the focus points of this year's Conference at Dachema, in Frankfurt. Hans V. Schwarz will be holding a keynote presentation on Process Safety.

European Process Safety Conference

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This year, the European Process Safety Conference (EPSC) will be held in Cologne on December 11&12. Hans V. Schwarz will be holding a keynote presentation.

Loss Prevention Symposium, Delft

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At the 2019 edition in Delft, ProsafeX contributed towards discussions about qualitative risk analysis.

Loss Prevention Symposium, Freiburg

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At the 2013 LPS edition in Germany, Dr. Schwarz held the keynote presentation: "What drives Process Safety performance" with experience from his expertise at BASF.

Hazards Asia, Kuala Lumpur

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Keynote on BASF' Process Safety management system. Here is the press release.